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The Paradise Proposal

During the summer months, he finds it too hot for his liking and leaves it for me to use as I please. Let me show you some pictures," he said as he worked his phone with one hand while his other was busy pleasuring my wife. She was far too preoccupied to look at pictures, but I saw that it was a beautiful, six-bedroom home directly on the ocean. Balconies from every bedroom overlooked the white sand beach and boat dock that moored several boats, including a thirty-foot cabin cruiser. "There is shuttle service to the main island ‘on demand’, where you may want to visit the shops and restaurants. However, there are always gourmet meals available at the house. We have a full-time chef who will make whatever you like. We also have housekeeping service, so you’ll not be asked to do so much as clean your room. All of the staff has full run of the house, but they are very discrete about what goes on there, so don’t be alarmed if they enter your room while you are into something you normally do privately. There is no privacy in the house for anyone. Doors are always open and anyone may enter at any time. No need to hide anything. You know; what happens on the island…"

"Wow, looks great!" I told him, "but what exactly does go on there? What is it you want of us?"

"It’s really quite simple," Sean began, "First, some facts. The two of you are desperately wanting a pregnancy and you are unable to make that happen, Ed. You’ve considered invitro insemination where you get to choose characteristics of the sperm donor, like race, education level, height and build, etc.; but you can’t afford it. What we offer is something even better. You’ll actually get to personally know the biological father of your baby. There are four of us who will be vying to seed you, Lynda. All of us have either a masters or doctorate degree. We’re all height and weight proportionate, have no genetic diseases and positively no STD’s, verified by tests we’ll share with you. All of us are very well endowed, except for the Indian guy. He’s more than adequate in that regard; but the Mexican and White guys are as big as I am. The Indian has a Doctorate in Microbiology, so he perhaps excels in intellect. All of us are generally considered to be handsome, if I may say so without seeming too conceited. I’m advertising in other publications for additional men to join our group, but doubt I’ll find any more to meet my stringent qualifications before next month." 

"While on the island, both of you will be expected to be naked at all times. You’ll have your own bedroom, but Lynda, you’ll be spending your nights in the master suite with the guys. Your goal is to become pregnant and we’ll do everything we can to make that happen. Our personal objective, however, is simply to use and enjoy you. I’ll not sugar coat this, you’ll in fact be whoring yourself for us, but for a very good reason; insemination. You, Ed, may join in, watch, or just send your wife to our room to be used. Your hot wife is going to cuckold you, but again, for good reason. If you are inclined, none of us object to a blow job from another guy. I mean, close your eyes and the mouth could be either one of you; right?" he laughed, "After the vacation, when you get back home, the two of you will have to redefine your relationship. This experience will change you. You’ll both evolve to a much more sophisticated lifestyle. How you deal with that is up to you; but while on the island, you will both fully embrace the whore and cuckold role; understand?" 

"But," I interjected, "You’re black." 

"Racist need not apply. I explicitly stated that in the add," Sean replied.

"We’re not racist," I told him, "but we expected our offspring to look like us. How do we explain having a little one that looks more like you than us?"

"That’s up to you. You can say the kid’s adopted or from a prior relationship, or you intentionally chose a black donor for invitro. Think about it, other than racism, why would anyone outrightly reject interracial sperm for artificial insemination? So I don’t see that having an interracial one is a problem. If you do, then you may want to reject my offer. Besides, there’s always a chance the white guy will fuck a baby into your wife. You’ll let us know who he or she looks like to settle the friendly competition among us, but there will be no legal or other liability for the sperm donor. That’s all we are as far as you are concerned; just direct deposit sperm donors. You all right with that?"

"Yes, absolutely," Lynda answered without hesitation or consulting me. 

"There’s just a couple more thing I need to mention. You’ll be under contract for the summer, all three months of it. You’ll receive prenatal care as soon as we know you are pregnant, but your pregnancy is not the end of your commitment. You will continue to entertain us for the entire summer. Once we know you are pregnant, we may want to watch you perform with other men without regard to age, looks, or anything else, except of course we’ll make sure they are STD free. There will be no restrictions on whom we bring to fuck you; it could be a young virgin boy from the islands, a big fat man with a tiny dick, or whatever any one of us finds amusing. Should you not get pregnant early on the trip, you’ll be given time off to complete your menstrual cycle. You can spend those nights in your own room." 

"This is primarily a fishing excursion for the guys. Sex with a clean, healthy, young married slut that we can ride bareback and inseminate, with no consequence, is just an additional perk for us. We’ll be out on the boats most days, and the two of you are free to do whatever you like during that time. I suspect you’ll be sleeping till noon, Lynda, as you’ll be up all night. With four of us to service, at least one will be using you at all hours of the night. Again, I want to remind you, while on the island, the two of you will be nude at all times. It will remind you of your purpose for being there. And just one more thing, Ed, the Indian guy is bi. Because it’s my house and my rules, I’ll not insist you service him, but I won’t stop him from trying to seduce you. You’ll have to deal with that on your own. As the cuckold, if you choose to join us and watch your wife being fucked, or help us fuck her, you can expect to be humiliated. If you can’t handle that, you’d best just send your wife to our room while you stay in your room and jerk off."

"Not a problem," Lynda answered for me as I sat there slack jawed.

"Looks like you kids have a deal," Sean said, then added, "but I’ve got to sample the goods before I make such a promise. Is this a good time?" he asked as he ran his hand completely up Lynda’s leg, sliding a thick finger right into her pussy.

"Actually," I said, "this is our anniversary. We have plans of our own for tonight."

"But this won’t interfere with it, Ed. It will just make it better," Lynda objected.

"Fantastic!" Sean responded. "Take your wife’s clothing off for me, Ed."

I followed his direction, and as he admired my wife’s body with her firm little tits and perfect skin, he slipped his hand between the natural gap between her thin legs and worked two fingers into her pussy.

"Now you, Ed, take off your clothes," he directed. I hesitated and he went on, "No shyness. You always need to obey, cucky boy. Now strip."

I tried to ignore the fact that another man was intently watching me as I removed my clothing. When I pulled off the last garment, my super hard erection sprang out.

Sean smiled, "Oh shit!" he exclaimed, "Is that all you’ve been getting?" he asked Lynda.

"Yeah, Ed’s the only man I’ve ever known intimately. Why?"

"My finger is as thick as his dick. This is going to be even better than I dreamed. Come over here, Ed, and take my clothes off, then make my cock ready to fuck your wife."

I soon found myself on my knees in front of the naked black man who was finger fucking my wife to near orgasm. 

"Go ahead, Ed, you said you’d do it for me. Suck on him." Lynda insisted. 

I opened wide and took as much in as I could. His bulbous head nearly filled my mouth completely. I remembered those days long gone by with my young friends and sucked as I had back then. I pulled back his foreskin, pursed my lips and slid them over the big head, taking him in like a pussy. I felt it grow in my mouth. In no time, he was really big; thick, long, and hard. He was as ready as he’d ever be to fuck. 

"That’s enough," he told me, pushing my head away as he reached back to pull a magnum condom from his pants pocket. "This is the only time you’ll be fucked with a condom," he told my wife, "I’m very potent, and don’t want you knocked up before our excursion starts next month."

He handed the rubber to Lynda as she led him to our bedroom. She sat on the side of our bed and rolled the condom over his massive erection, then reclined and spread her legs. "Hold her ankles up over her head, Ed, and keep her spread wide for me." I did as I was told while he positioned himself for penetration, telling Lynda, "This may be a little painful at first. If that skinny little boy dick is what you’re used to, this is going to really stretch you." He put his cock, rivaling the thickness of a coke can, to her opening. I was in awe as I watched. When I fuck her, her pussy lips easily part and let my dick right in, but Sean’s bulbous cock head completely covered her little twat, I couldn’t even see her delicate pussy lips. He pushed, harder and harder, but there was no way my girl’s eager hole was going to part around his massive black cock. 

"Get me some lube," he told me. 

I let go of my wife’s legs to retrieve a bottle of ‘Wet’. In the few seconds it had taken me to get it, Lynda had repositioned herself and was sucking his condom covered cock. She was so hot and ready to fuck. Sean pushed her back onto the bed and instructed, "Hold her legs again, Cuck, I am going to fuck your wife now."

With Lynda held in position, Sean lathered his cock with lube. He put the head to my wife’s pussy again, completely obscuring it, as before. Using his hand, he glided the blunt end of his organ up and down over her slit, paying special attention to rub her clit. Lynda was moaning and working her hips, helping the black man massage her cunt.

"Oh, Sean, fuck me!" she moaned, "Put it in and fuck me with that big thing! I need it; now! Please fuck me!" Lynda begged.

Sean surprised both her and me when he put his cock on target, ready to give Lynda her first big cock; but then, just milliseconds before pushing into her, he slapped her ass really hard to distract her.

"Ouch! Owee! Owee!" Lynda screamed.

I thought she was complaining about the brutal spank he’d just administered, but then she went on, "Stop! Take it out! I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking! I can’t do this! You’re ripping my pussy apart!"

Sean just smiled, "Shhhhhhhhh," he told her, placing a finger over her lips to gently emphasize his point. "Just lie still. I’ll give you a moment to get used to it. That little pussy of yours was made for this, it’s just not been properly broken in. Just relax. My cock head is completely inside and that’s the thickest part, so you know the rest will fit. We’re way past the point-of-no-return. There is no stopping until I’m done with you. My whole cock is going to go in; all the way in. Once a real man gets inside, he’s not coming out until you’ve been thoroughly fucked and filled." And with that, he slowly worked the rest of his big dick in while Lynda grunted and groaned. When his balls rested against my wife’s ass, he began rutting, slowly at first, with long full-length insertions followed by rapid power strokes. His pelvis slammed against hers with an audible slap every time he bottomed out inside my wife. 

I was amazed by his stamina. I usually finished in a minute or two, but he fucked her non-stop for a good half-hour, changing positions every five minutes or so, each time directing me to do something different to help him fuck my wife. Half way through their marathon fuck, without even touching myself, I was spewing my own seed, perhaps the biggest load of my life, all over my wife’s little tits. 

Lynda had four wild orgasms before he finally pushed in deeply and held himself there, announcing, "Here it cums! I’m pumping it in!" Sean eventually finished and rolled off to the side. "That was truly amazing, Lynda," he complimented, "That was like fucking a virgin. You may remove the condom now and clean me up."

I was surprised, after our earlier discussions about sucking cock, that Lynda didn’t insist I take care of that. She obviously wanted his big dick in her own mouth and wasted no time in following his instructions. She slid the well filled rubber off his dick and took his cum slicked cock into her mouth. She sucked and licked, from head to balls, until Sean was satisfied. "You may have her now," he told me, giving me permission to fuck my own wife. 

I got on top of her, missionary style, and slipped right into her. Her pussy was still gaping open, obviously seeking something much larger than my skinny dick. I thrusted repeatedly, seeking some kind of stimulation inside her well-lubricated, fleshly sheath. Though I didn’t find it, my cock exploded in orgasm almost as soon as I entered. I was so excited, knowing I was fucking my wife after she’d just given herself to a big black cock. Almost of habit, I think, as soon as I pumped my load into her, she rolled over on top of me and planted her cum filled cunt on my mouth. 

"Good boy!" Sean commended me, "That’s what a cuckold is good for. You can do lots of clean-up between fucks at the island if you like. You kids are definitely going to the Bahamas for the summer."

We all went back to the living room so Sean could dress himself. Before leaving, he gave my wife a big, open mouthed kiss, then told us he’d be in touch. He told us to, "be ready to board a private jet out of Stapleton on the first of the month. Pack lightly. You only need clothing for travel to and from the island."